At a second hand bookstore in Toronto

I love collaborating with businesses to write content that they can be proud of.

In recent years, I’ve become obsessed with living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Every day I read about ways that I can make a better impact on the world around me. I’ve come across hundreds of organisations that are striving to do the same.

Why I write

Every business owner has a story to tell, a passion that got them started in the first place. And that’s truer than ever for those who work in green business.

I enjoy taking time to really understand a business before I tell their story in a way that will connect them to customers and generate profit. That's exactly what I want to do for you!


How I started

I learned the value of storytelling and simplicity as I studied creative writing as part of a creative arts degree at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

After graduating, I moved to Toronto and found myself in a communications internship at an international nonprofit where I learned the ropes of marketing and communications. I discovered that I get a real buzz writing good content for websites, pamphlets, blog writing and ghostwriting.

I went on to work in admin, tasked with a few writing projects on the side. Often, the writing work got squeezed out as other priorities and deadlines fought for my time. I know what so many business owners and marketing managers feel - the written stuff is important, but can often get pushed aside by other demands.

As a freelance writer, I get to solve this problem. I’m here to take a load off your hands by putting my time, energy, and creativity into making your content sparkle.


A bit more about me...

I was born and raised in the south of England but set up life with my husband in Ontario seven years ago. I’m proud mum to a rambunctious toddler.

When I’m not writing, I love discovering Canada’s wild natural beauty with my family, cooking soul-uplifting food, and singing my heart out.


Want to see my writing?

Check out my portfolio to see what kind of thing I could do for you: